tanzanian travel picture of a maasai boy in serengeti

Travelling is one of my favourite ways to reset the system, this time the choice fell on Tanzania. Started off with national parks where one can witness some of the most extraordinary wildlife (Serengeti being the highlight), and finished in Zanzibar where the ocean is warmer and cleaner than the tap water. Call it a hard reset after Shanghai.

Now, I’m not an animal photographer but it was too hard to resist. So here we go.

ngorongoro lion
ngorongoro african buffalo
serengeti lion
serengeti lion
serengeti lion
serengeti giraffe
serengeti zebras

serengeti elephants

serengeti elephant

serengeti hyena
serengeti cheetah
serengeti cheetah
serengeti angry lion
tanzania landscape

zanzibar nungwi beach sunset
zanzibar jambiani beach